What to Expect During a COVID-19 Pregnancy

Whether you are a few weeks along or a few months, you have been counting down to that special day when you will finally see your precious newborn. Being pregnant can already be stressful, but it’s even more overwhelming given the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We’re all understandably uneasy about COVID-19. But if you’re pregnant, you likely have an additional layer of concern. Thankfully, experts say pregnant women don’t seem to be getting infected with COVID-19 any more frequently than their non-pregnant counterparts, and studies have not shown COVID-19 to be passed from mother to unborn child.

Here are a few tips to getting through your pregnancy during this pandemic:

Focus on the Bright Spots

Social distancing and isolation from friends and family is rough for everyone, but especially expecting mothers. No one wants to share this special memory alone. That’s why it’s important to focus on the things that are good during your pregnancy, like having a healthy baby.

Baptist Health allows Labor and Delivery patients to have one spouse/partner or other designated person in the room for the delivery. So, you won’t have to be alone.

One day you’ll look back, and this will be just a unique story to tell your friends and family. Continue to have strength and remember that the most important things are to be happy and healthy.

Ready or Not, This Child Is Coming

During the next few weeks and months, you’ll likely spend time YouTube-ing breathing techniques, reading “What to Expect,” and counting down to what will likely be the best day of your life. Just stay focused, follow your doctor’s recommendations, and enjoy the little moments along the way.

Although Baptist Health has had to cancel in-person Maternity and New Baby Classes for now, you can set up free, virtual classes to get ready for the big day. Visit baptistjax.com/classes for more information and download the MyFamily App to get more information as you prepare for your new baby.

Stay Strong Mama—You Got This.

Every time you feel a tiny foot (or is it an elbow?) move around, it’s a constant reminder that you are able to carry a baby. Try to make this pregnancy feel as normal as possible. If this is your first child, follow CDC guidelines and make time for getting some exercise and fresh air. If you’ve been through pregnancy before, focus on healthy habits from your last pregnancy. Just modify your activities to comply with social distancing and minimize your anxiety where you can.

At Baptist Health, we want to help keep you and your family informed about COVID-19. We’re coordinating with the health department and following CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our community. For more information or if you have questions about COVID symptoms, call 904.302.5050, or visit baptistjax.com/covid19.